Demolition-Movie Review

Demolition is a 2016 movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Naomi Watts and Chris Cooper and directed by Jean-Marć Vallée. The movie depicts the life of Davis(Gyllenhall), an investment banker, after the death of his wife in a car accident and the way he deals with it. After her death Davis tries to buy a candy bar,unfortunately, the candy bar gets stuck in the machine, consequently motivating Davis to write a letter to the customer service of the company that supplies the vending machines, in which he reveals a lot more details about himself and ends up receiving a call from one of the workers (Watts).

The review: This movie is really intersting, it depicts the way that Jake’s character deals with the death of his wife in a really smart and innovative way, while also keeping the viewer involved and offering criticism and social commentary on a lot of different subjects. The acting in this movie is phenomenal, Jake Gyllenhall is excellent as usual, his character has a lot of similarties with his character from Nightccrawler, yet it is completely different at the same time, he never seizes to amaze me and this movie was no different. You view his character as someone who is calm and calculative, yet you can still feel that he is hurting and broken from inside, and when he finally breaks down it is very effective. Probaly my favorite scene in the whole movie. really touched me.

Chris Cooper plays his father in law, he is really good as well, Same goes to Naomi Watts, who I think is always great in the mother role, despite being a tottaly different kind of mom in this movie from the type she usually plays, which I found really intersting.

The dialouge in the movie I thought was really smart and snappy and it does flow really well, at the same time it does have a fair amount of humor in it. Some really good humor actually, I legit cracked at some parts. The movie does seem to drag on at certain parts and does have some pacing problems. could have been 15 minutes shorter I think. The main problem with the movie I think thsat they cramed way too much into, some unnecessary stuff were added in the movie that I don’t think had a purpose. For instance: Naomi Watts’ boyfriend, a certain storyline involving a character introduced latter on in the movie. The plot is pretty convulted at times and you make feel lost a bit, especially anything concerning Davis’ realtionship with his wife. Another problem that I had with the movie is that it tries to be way too “artsy” let’s say sometimes, everything seems to be a metaphor in here at somepoint which gets a bit annoying at times and confuses the viewer as well.

The direction in the movie I thought was pretty good, the movie is directed by the same guy who directed “Big little lies this year” great show by way.

In the end, demoltion was a well acted , well directed movie with a pretty intersting plot that keeps you engaged througout most of the is not perfect by any means and certainly has its problems, but it is certainly worth checking out.

Rating: 3.25/5 Stars.



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